Cheah Yew Chung

Meet Cheah Yew Chung, also known as Cycom. A Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Film and Animation graduate class of 2002, who is currently working as an Animation Supervisor at Giggle Garage Sdn. Bhd. His expertise includes design development based on local culture, where he helps the local animation industry develop new IPs and produce quality works. He is very passionate about the animation industry both locally and internationally, and has a high interest in improving the quality of the entertainment industry in Malaysia. For someone who has a working experience for more than 17 years in addition to holding a leadership position for more than 8 years, it is no doubt that Mr. Cycom is definitely an “otai” in the animation industry!

Below are some of his achievements throughout his involvement in the industry:
• 2013 RTM Digista Teens as Mentor
• 2012 Best Character Design Cutout Magazine
• 2010 Artwork feature in Cruzine.com
• 2010 Best 3D Character Design Kre8tif Malaysia
• 2008 Artwork feature at Cg-society.org
• 2002 GOLD AWARD MVA Malaysia

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