Ikhwan Nazri Mohd Asran

Meet Ikhwan Nazri bin Mohd Asran, who graduated with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Digital Media class of 2007. Mr. Ikhwan who was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur is definitely not a new face to the IT and Technology industry. As the CEO & Head of Amanz Media since 2011, his role is to oversee the creative productions as well as business operations of the company. Under his direction, Amanz Media has managed to build their online presence through www.amanz.my by providing news source for IT & Technology in Bahasa Melayu with over than 4.7 million pageviews per month (as of May 2020). Also an expert in digital media, Mr. Ikhwan was listed in Agensi Inovasi Malaysia for his creations such as the Officekami, a project that listed popular co-working spaces in Malaysia along with being a multidisciplinary producer. Aside from all of his amazing accomplishments, he seems to have a passion on matters related to games, start-ups, coffees and cats.

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