Wong Jin Yao & Woon Chee Khai

Meet Wong Jin Yao & Woon Chee Khai, our alumni who graduated with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Animation & Visual Effects class of 2016. They are the founders of Yore Productions, a fresh Malaysian 3DCG production house that specialises in hybrid visual blending, a technique that combines 2D and 3D art styles. Mr. Jin Yao is the Head of Look Development while Mr. Chee Khai is the Post Production Supervisor. Both of them were in the team that produced the award-winning short animation film, “The Cliff House” back in 2017. Following the success of their short, they are now working on “Dreamcatcher”, the first Malaysian 3D anime idol project which features Penang as the home ground of the story. The plot revolves around the journey of 7 high school girls who became idols in order to save their neighborhood from being demolished. As a result of collaborating with Shochiku Geino Seiyuu Academy, Japan, the project also features 6 voice acting students from the academy to voice out the characters in Dreamcatcher. Good luck on your project and we are looking forward to the release of Dreamcatcher!

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