Mohd Norhazli Mohammed Azlanudin

Meet Mohd Norhazli bin Mohammed Azlanudin, also known as Ali Azlan. Graduated with Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Interface Design class of 2007, he is currently working as an Academic Lecturer at INTI International College Subang. Mr. Ali Azlan started his journey as an academician at Institute of Integrative Media (formerly known as Academy TV3) on 2008, and a few other tertiary institutions such as ASWARA, KLMU and UTAR over the years which showcases his vast experience in the education field.

His expertise includes Graphic Design, Photography, Interface Design, E-commerce, 3D Modelling and Videography. Not only does FCM produce skilful and talented designers in the creative field, but also admirable academicians!

Regardless of what you studied, when you graduated, or where your path has taken you, your years at FCM makes you a part of our honorable alumni community.