Sufian Mazilan

Meet Ahmad Sufian bin Mazilan better known as Suf Bansen. Graduated with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Animation & Visual Effects class of 2018, Mr. Sufian is currently busy multitasking at its finest. He is a VFX Artist at Todak Culture, a Voice Actor (ex: in Dragon Lancer as Yuu and Ejen Ali the Movie as Ejen Bobby), as well as a Toy Designer of his own individual character called Buttman. Pretty impressive! His voice acting career started since his student days but, his career as a toy designer only jump started a few years ago, when he started dabbling in toy designing due to his immense interest in toys. With the help of his IP Buttman – an alien character from Uranus – he managed to create a line of merchandise to be sold at events and even collaborated with the local artist of renowned “Gempak” comic, Michael Chuah. Currently, a toy based on Buttman is in working progress.