Hidayat Jamalolail

Meet Hidayat Jamalolail, aka HDJ, our alumni from the Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Media Innovation, class of 2011.
Mr. Hidayat began his career as a freelancer working on musical theatre projects such as Supermokh Sebuah Muzikal. In 2013, he made a career turn by working as a Creative Designer for an Opposition Member of Parliament, which led to where he is now, eight years later. He is currently the Chief Creative Officer at INVOKE, a data firm that brings together technical expertise in data science, software engineering, application development, digital marketing and creative arts to offer data-driven solutions to the mass market.

He does not limit himself to one particular expertise. As a design and creative all-rounder, he is very much into everything that involves designing such as such as books, zine, interior, ui/ux, branding. Besides that, he is also interested in DIY stuff; self-published zines, self-produced design products & merchandise. Occasionally, he writes too. In 2015, he published a book titled “Cerita Budak Design.”

Here are a few links to know more about Mr. Hidayat and INVOKE: