Lawrence Tan

Meet Lawrence Tan Bing Thong, our alumni from the Bachelor of Multimedia (Honours) Film and Animation, class of 2013. Known as a graphic designer, an artist, and a dancer, Mr. Lawrence considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in art and design. He also strives to stay in tune with the latest digital media trends through continuous exploration and discoveries. His career started when he first joined WAU Animation back in 2014. Then, his journey continued to iKoala, Skoolbo, Project Beats from 2017-2020, which has given him a long experience in the creative industry. Amid his career, Lawrence also jumped into freelancing where he paints murals, creates logos, brand identities, and even collaborating with local fashion labels. If you would like to explore more of his incredible work, feel free to browse through his website at http://www.lawrencetan.design .

At FCM, we truly believe in propelling our students to their fullest potential in everything that they do.

He does freelancing in addition to his full-time job at WAU, and has been involved in storyboarding for numerous advertisements for firms such as Affin Bank, Inneonusa, and Tata Truck (unreleased).

He likes to doodles and watch movies, and he’s a big Star Wars enthusiast who collects toys and miniatures. Drawings, paintings, movies, games, theatre, music, and any other kind of media that conveys emotion or meaning pique his attention.

More of his great work can be seen on his art account @jiqojig and yes, he’s available for freelance storyboard/story reel work!