Muhamed Zulkhairilishamuddin Dzulkepli

Meet Muhamed Zulkhairilishamuddin Dzulkepli, graduated with Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Digital Media, class of 2006. He is currently working as Assistant Vice President, Quality Assurance Lead at Astro Malaysia Holding Berhad. Mr. Sham’s experience and expertises stretched wide from developing successful platform / applications specialized for a New TV Technology, to having strong understanding of operations for complex DTV infrastructure (VoD, HbbTV, OTT, MPEG / DVB) and experienced in managing, developing & deploying a New TV Technology such as apps for DIGITAL TV, Smart TV platform, Connected TV & Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV).

His expertise has also reached out across Asia as he is also involved in multinational & multiplatform OTT products such as TRIBE, (involving Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand), Astro GO, Njoi Now, and Astro Go for SmartTV. End to end responsibility for managing Astro Local & International OTT operation, support & projects. Besides working with Astro, he’s also managing his family-owned businesses, known as JTC Bike Centre and Joey Mini Garage.

Visit the websites of his family-owned business here at:
www.jtcbikecentre.com and www.joeyminigarage.com!
For further information about Mr. Hasnul’ professional works, check out the MELTED website at www.wearemelted.com and explore more about architectural visualization at www.metamosaic.com.

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