FCM Virtual Reality Students Win Gold Medals at 5th Sintok International Games and Gamification (SIGG)

Virtual reality students from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia have taken Gold medals at the 5th Sintok International Games and Gamification (SIGG). The SIGG is open to individuals and teams with two or more members, locally or internationally, hosted by the Innovation and Commercialization Centre, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). First established in 2017, the awards recognize both local game development as well as focusing on educational games. The competition is categorized into two types which are games and gamification. Gamification is using game-based mechanics, aesthetics, and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning and solve problems.

Walk into Floweria is an interactive storytelling VR application by VR Design 4 students: Eunice Lim Eu Nee, Mah Shi Ting, Tan Yee Ling, Chan Yi Siang, and Chan Xu Yun. ‘Walk into Floweria’ offers a brand new approach to the world of children’s storybooks! Meet new friends while learning important moral values with the game in an all-new VR world.

The game goal for this application is to create a bedtime game story application to help improve and encourage healthy sleep patterns for children and lessen their insecurities as well as fulfill their imagination with a fantasy virtual world with friendly animals and fairy characters. Children can learn language through playing games and interacting with the lively characters inside, and also learn thinking and social skills by choosing multiple-choice questions that lead to different stories and answers. Moral Values through the application will be included with fable stories as background and interesting elements.



Makhluk Halus is a survival-adventure Asymmetrical (offline multiplayer) VR game. It is a Final Year Project developed by Mummad Ikram Hakim Bin Mohd Zahiruddin, Muhammad Aqil Bin Mohamad Kamisruddin, Danial Imran Bin Azimi, and Arif Hilmi Bin khairul Safian. The game is set in a world where a virus has taken over. Where a big part of humanity has failed in keeping the world pandemic-free. One user will play as Hisham (VR), a young adult who is forced to get vaccinated. He will need to go out and do his best to not get infected by following crucial virus preventions sop. Another user will play as a virus(PC) and will find a way to infect Hisham. There will be two different sets of experiences for the users to immerse themselves in and learn about the prevention and transmission of viruses.

Let’s offer our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners!