FCM Tied MOU for Bengkel Teknologi Senior (video update)

Multimedia University, Centre for Instructional Technology & Multimedia (CITM), University Sains Malaysia together with Amanz Media Sdn Bhd. have recently tied an MOU for a three-year project called “Bengkel Teknologi Senior” (Senior Academy Workshop). This project comprises of a series of workshops, targeted for senior citizens aged 55 years and above, designed to aid technological knowledge, skills and cyber security among senior citizens. 

Lead by Dr.Tan Yun Yi (USM) and assisted by FCM Lecturer, Aliff Afiq , the workshop was first piloted on the 29th & 30th June 2019 at Faculty Of Creative Multimedia. Among the topics covered were Creative Writing, Cyber Security, Digital Photography and Mobile Applications. 

These two full-day workshop sessions are scheduled to be held in four regions of Malaysia from year 2019-2021.