FCM is proud to announce this year MMU’s E-Bee Story Competition!


  • Produce a short film/animation (duration 30 seconds – 5 minutes) using the theme ‘GROWTH’
  • The short can produced through any medium – Live-Action, Animation, Motion Comic, Mixed Media… make your story shine through any way possible! (*for 3D Animation, models and rigs of E-Bee will be provided)
  • MMU’s E-Bee character must be a significant part of the story narrative

Final Deadline for submissions : 12th November 2023(Sunday)

This competition is open to ALL students of Multimedia University, regardless of faculty or programme.

Entries will be judged by :

  • The interpretation of the ‘GROWTH’ theme
  • The entertainment value of the story
  • The production value of the short film

So whether you’re growing your skills and knowledges in MMU, sharing the story of your journey on becoming Permata Dunia, tell your story in the most creative way possible!


  • Submission format : MP4 Video, FULL HD (1920×1080), with audio
  • Works can be submitted by either individual or a group (maximum 5 people)
  • Winners will be selected by a panel comprised from faculty and industry representatives


  • 1st Prize   : RM3000 + Certificate
  • 2nd Prize : RM1500 + Certificate
  • 3rd Prize : RM500 + Certificate

*All participants will be award with SAP points

*The winning video(s) will be screened in the Convocation ceremony


E-Bee is an electronic robotic bee designed as MMU’s Mascot. Born out of the Faculty of Creative Multimedia’s ‘Secret Lab’, E-Bee lives in the virtual space inside of computers.

The honeybee, conceived on the 1st of August 2001, is about 7cm in height and weight about 200g. Now, in its 7th version, it has dark eyes with green iris, silver blue complexion, and stripes on its body. E-Bee represents the robotic honeybee with adorable childlike qualities.

A little naughty and emotional, E-Bee however is intelligent and friendly. He enjoys entertaining people, especially impressing the female students with his magic tricks. Forever the optimist, E-Bee is always looking for more ways to introduce MMU to the rest of the world. Sophisticated and independent, E-Bee constantly upgrades himself to become the best that he can be.


For 3D Animation, models and rigs of E-Bee are provided. Please download the assets by clicking the button:

E-bee’s 3D asset should only be used for the production of the shorts to be submitted for the contest. All copyrights of the character belong to MMU.

Video compilations of previous winners


Tell us your E-Bee story!


For any inquiries, please email Audrey or Sharafina at audrey.honjh@mmu.edu.my / sharafina.teh@mmu.edu.my