Agreement on Participation in E-bee Short Film Contest

“E-bee Short Film Contest” is an E-Bee story contest for all students of Multimedia University organized by Multimedia University (Persiaran Multimedia, 63100 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia) (hereinafter referred to as “The organizer”). The contest is held based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, to shortlist high-quality works from the students of Multimedia University, and we hereby set forth and implement the following terms.

Before entering the contest, you must confirm that you have carefully read and fully understood the E-bee Short Film Contest Privacy Statement (hereinafter referred to as the “privacy statement”) and agree to abide by the relevant rules.

  • Eligibility
    1. You must be a current student of Multimedia University to participate in this contest. The organizer has the right to not accept or disqualify entries from contestants that are not part of the student community at Multimedia University.
    2. You need to ensure that your work is original and has not been published anywhere. 
    3. You will be disqualified if any of the following situations occur:
      1. Works contain elements of plagiarism of other works;
      2. The contestant is found to have not met the entry requirements;
      3. Submission of any entry of the following nature, or perform any act of the following nature in the contest: fake, defamatory, infringing, harmful, pornographic, offensive, bullying, harassing, scandalous, hateful, inflammatory, threatening, profane, obscene, invades the privacy of others, or otherwise objectionable content, including but not limited to promoting illegal activities, the presence of obvious portrayal or glorification of violence, and any content and conduct that is discriminatory, illegal, causes or may cause damage or injury to personal property which may give rise to civil or criminal liability under applicable laws.
  • Contest Rules
    1. You need to ensure that the work you submit meets the requirements of the entry specifications and relevant rules, otherwise, you may fail the review and be disqualified from the contest.
    2. To ensure the judges can refer to the final application of your entry, the organizer may contact you after your submission to obtain the source files of your work. The source files of your work will only be used for this contest and will not be used for any commercial purposes unless you are awarded the appropriate prize and the copyright of your work is assigned to the organizer under this agreement.
    3. If the work involves 3D animation and the usage of the Multimedia University’s official mascot, E-Bee, the 3D source file including the model and rig will be provided to the student. The usage of the E-bee 3D source file is strictly for internal use only, specifically for this contest. The false use of the E-Bee 3D source file will cause immediate disqualification of the participant, as stated in Article 1.3.3 of this agreement.

  • Intellectual Property Rights & Other Rights
    1. Contestants should have independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright of their works when they submit them to the contest. The works submitted by contestants must not be authorized for commercial use by any organization or individual (whether paid or unpaid) and must be original to the contestants, and must not be plagiarized or stolen from others. For any related disputes caused by the breach of the above guarantees, all legal liabilities shall be borne by the contestants themselves, and have nothing to do with the organizers and the event organizers. The contestant shall return all cash prizes and benefits obtained from the organizer and its affiliates, and compensate for all losses caused to the organizer and its affiliates.
    2. E-Bee’s assets and character belong to Multimedia University. The contestants do not have the ownership or the right to claim E-Bee as their own intellectual property. 
    3. The organizer has the legal right to use all entries provided in the contest. By entering the contest, the contestant agrees and authorizes the organizer and its affiliates to use the entries for contests, products and publicity branding, including but not limited to online media, print media, print materials, photo exhibitions, road shows, outdoor media and other marketing activities, in perpetuity and without compensation from the date of submission. 
  • Responsibilities & Obligations
    1. The participants should have a copy of the source files of their work (format such as PSD, AI, AE, Pr, Maya, etc) of the process draft and finished draft. All of the winning works will need to submit these files.
    2. You agree and confirm that the personal information you have provided is valid, including your name, contact number, and email address, for the organizer to contact you and issue the prizes. The organizer will only collect and process your personal information in accordance with the privacy statement of this contest to the extent permitted by the above purposes and the applicable law. Please ensure that the personal information you have provided is complete and accurate. After announcing the winners, the organizer will contact the winners to verify their registration information. If a prize cannot be issued due to the winner’s personal information being incomplete or inaccurate, they will be deemed to have automatically forfeited their right to win, and the organizer will not reissue the prize in this regard.
  • Prize Money and SAP/GEMS Points
    1. The specific amount of the prize is subject to the amount announced on the official website of “E-bee Short Film Contest”.
      1. The creators of the winning entry will win a grand prize of RM 3000 and have a chance for their short film to be screened exclusively at this year’s Convocation event. The 2nd & 3rd Place Winners will receive RM 1500 and RM 500 respectively.
    2. All participants will be rewarded with GEMS Points for their participation in the contest.  
  • Other Terms
    1. This contest will neither charge any fees nor return any entries, and only digital submissions will be accepted. If the work is not submitted successfully or is not approved due to reasons provided by the contestant, all losses and consequences shall be borne by the contestants themselves.
    2. If the organizer needs to suspend or terminate this contest for unforeseen technical, security or business reasons, we will make every effort to notify you beforehand, including but not limited to in the form of an announcement or via email, so do keep a look out for such notifications.
    3. If the organizer makes any changes to this agreement (including material changes, etc.) and said changes will materially affect your rights and obligations, the organizer will notify you through the appropriate channels. We recommend that you review this agreement periodically to ensure that you are aware of any such adjustments made by Multimedia University. If you continue to participate in the “E-bee Short Film Contest” after the relevant adjustments have been published, you are deemed to have agreed and accepted the relevant adjustments and updates made by the organizer and are willing to be bound by them.