Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Visual Effects

(R/213/6/0157) 06/19 (A10482)

Be part of movie-making magic! Our three-year Visual Effects programme (part of the Animation and Visual Effects Department) was designed and developed in collaboration with Base FX. Base Fx is a three-time Emmy Award winning visual effects and animation company with production studios in Beijing, Wuxi, Xiamen (China), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and an office in Los Angeles. Our Visual Effects programme is an industry-driven dedicated degree created alongside industry leaders, to equip students with cutting edge technical skills in all areas of Visual Effects pre-production, production and post-production.


  • To develop independent, innovative content designers, with the ability to identify problems and provide solutions for the creative industries.
  • To produce technically competent content designers with strong fundamental understanding and ability to adapt to any creative production workflow.
  • To cultivate enterprising graduates with the ability to create competitive Intellectual Property to stimulate the growth of creative industry.


  • Ability to acquire and apply animation theories and practices
  • Acquisition of technical competence in specialised areas of animation design
  • Adhere to social, cultural, global and ethical responsibilities in the animation domain
  • Integrate professionalism and commitment while working on a class project
  • Able to communicate effectively through presentations and teamwork
  • Able to solve problems innovatively through research and experimentation
  • Recognizing the importance of lifelong sustainability and efficiency in design and development of animation content
  • Able to be an enterprising animation content designer


  • Movie Director
  • Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Technical Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Compositor
  • Look Development Artist
  • Digital / Matte Painter
  • 3D Modeller
  • 3D Graphics Specialist


Ng Lynn-Sze

Programme Coordinator

Mohd. Azizul Hakim Md. Hussin


Nadia Mahmud


Kok Siew Wai


Anuar Hassan


Muhammad Ayman Jamaludin


Yusran Mazalan


Muhammad Firdaus Hashim

Assistant Lecturer

Ahmad Azlan Ahmad Zafri

Assistant Lecturer