Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Virtual Reality

(R/213/6/0142) 04/19 (A9393)

We are committed to producing Virtual Reality specialists who are proficient in creating real-time application to content through experiential design. The three-year Virtual Reality programme trains students to start their project by researching the subject matter and designing the virtual world, interaction and interface. In the second stage, they begin to create the 3D world and breathe life into it by putting colours, sound and avatar that will engage with the user. The user is not just merely passive but highly interacting with the environment. The experience is enhanced through immersive and non-immersive technology.


  • To develop independent, innovative content designers, with the ability to identify problems and provide solutions for the creative industries.
  • To produce technically competent content designers with strong fundamental understanding and ability to adapt to any creative production workflow.
  • To cultivate enterprising graduates with the ability to create competitive Intellectual Property to stimulate the growth of creative industry.


  • Ability to acquire and apply virtual reality design theories and practices
  • Acquisition of technical competence in specialised areas of Virtual Reality design
  • Adhere to social, cultural, global and ethical responsibilities in creative content design
  • Integrate professionalism and commitment while working collaboratively
  • Able to communicate effectively through presentation skills
  • Able to solve problems innovatively through research and experimentation
  • Recognizing the importance of sustainability and efficiency in design and development of creative Virtual Reality content
  • Able to be an enterprising creative content designer


  • Asset Modeller, Texture and Lighting Artist
  • Technical Artist, 3D Visualiser, 3D Environment Artist
  • Game Developer, Game Level Designer
  • Simulation Artist, VR Walk-through Expert
  • User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer
  • Programmer, System Analyst, Project Manager
  • Project Manager


Dendi Permadi

Programme Coordinator

Cheong Soon Nyean

Senior Lecturer

Erwin Abd Jabbar


Elyna Amir Sharji


Mazlan Mahadzir


Dr. Roopesh Sitharan


Farzura Azreen Abdul Saip

Assistant Lecturer

Yong Soon Xuan (Samson)

Assistant Lecturer



Creative Director, Unity Technologies, Denmark

Abdul Khaliq, is currently the Creative Director, Unity Technologies, Denmark. Unity Software Inc. (Unity Technologies) is an American video game software development company based in San Francisco. It was founded in Denmark in 2004. He has spent many years in the game industry and held a number of high profile experience in games studios prior to his decision to join Unity. He embarked on a career as Vehicle Artist at Codemasters and later join other game companies as a Lead artist and art director at Ubisoft Singapore and Electronic Art (EA) Sweden.

“Being part of a massive and diverse team that delivers world-class content and memorable moments in games, through art & visuals as a communication tool. That has been what drives me each day as an artist. Art direction to me is a knowledge sharing that requires constant progressive follow-ups, coaching, mentoring, and demonstrating best practices in the production of art across all its elements (characters / vehicles / environment / lighting / cinematic / presentation / etc). 13 years and going strong in the industry, my love for game art has grown more in each production I’ve gone through, and the people I had the privilege to meet and collaborate with”.

Credited titles :

– Race Driver GRiD
– Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising
– DiRT 2
– Assassins Creed II
– Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands
– Assassins Creed Brotherhood
– Assassins Creed Revelations
– Assassins Creed III
– Assassins Creed IV : Black Flag
– Assassins Creed Rogue
– Need for Speed 2015
– Need for Speed Payback



Associate Professor, Robotics & Design Cluster, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Dr Yiyu Cai is a tenured professor from Nanyang Technological University. He has over 20 years’ experience working on Virtual Reality (VR) and their applications in engineering, medicine and education. He has developed several VR-enabled solutions with the aid of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing technologies for industrial applications in construction, oil and gas, surgery as well STEM education. He has co-invented six patents in USA, Germany, China and Singapore. Prior to that, he was a R&D specialist with the Kent Ridge Digital Labs, a senior software engineer with the Center for Information-enhanced Medicine (CIeMed) – a joint venture between John Hopkins Medical School and the Institute of System Sciences, and a lecturer with Zhejiang University.

His research interest includes 3D based design, simulation, serious games, virtual reality, etc. He is also active in IDM application research for Engineering, Bio & Medical Sciences, Education, Arts, etc. He has invented or co-invented 6 patents (granted or pending approval). Part of his research was or is being exhibited in Singapore Art Museum, Singapore Science Center, Chinese National Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, etc. He is associate editor with the Journal Simulation and Gaming, and sits in editor boards of 2 international journals. He was co-president of the International Simulation and Gaming Association.




Battle Card Dinasty

Nyonya Kueh

Ejen Ali Alicia Ult Mission



VR Showcase 2019