Regulations for applications

You must be a current student of Multimedia University to participate in this contest. All the faculties are allowed to participate.

This contest will neither charge any fees nor return any entries, and only digital submissions will be accepted.

Submission of the entries can be done by either an individual or a group (consisting of a maximum of 5 members). However, one group will be counted as one contestant. Meaning that if a group is selected as a winner, the cash prize will remain the same amount and not be multiplied by the number of members in the group. The delegation of the prize money will be the group’s responsibility with no interference from the organizer.

26th August 2022 to 9th October 2022.

No, you may not enter under a nickname. Please use your real name and provide your student ID for verification when entering the contest. Please be aware that your real names will be displayed in the gallery of works which pass the first round of judging.

Regulations for submission of an entry

The submissions of entry should be in the form of a video and the duration should be within 30 to 45 seconds only. The file size must be less than 1 GB, and the format must be in MP4, full HD (1920 x 1080) with audio.

Yes, when using any language including English in a video submission, please be sure to include English language subtitles.

The short film can be produced through any medium, such as live-action, 2D & 3D animation, motion comics, mixed media, etc. Make your story shine in any way possible!

Yes, E-Bee must play a significant role in your short films.

You may use animation, illustrations, photo edits, sculptures, etc. For those who are doing 3D animation, a source file will be provided on the contest’s official website which includes the 3D model, textures and rig of the character E-Bee.

No, the source file of the character E-Bee is copyrighted and owned by Multimedia University and is only allowed to be utilized for the submission of the contest entries. Any findings of E-Bee being used for other reasons outside of Multimedia University by the contestant will result in disqualification.

Students are allowed to be creative with the ideas for the content of the short film in accordance with the theme of the contest which is “Celebration”. However, immediate disqualification of the contestant will be imposed if the short film is found to have any offensive materials, such as violence, explicit scenes, profanity, bullying or harassment of other parties and other content of similar nature.

Yes, but you need to ensure that your work is original and has not been published anywhere.

No. The submission of the entries must be original and has not been published anywhere.

No, with the exception of any other Multimedia University’s internal contests that allow the usage of the E-Bee character.

Submission of entry enquiries
(Number of entries, submission platform, errors, etc)

Yes, the contestant may submit more than one entry if they desire. However, if selected, only one of the contestant’s entries is eligible for one prize.

Entries should only be submitted through the “E-bee Celebrates U! Short Film Contest” official website.

The entry form cannot be submitted unless all required sections have been completed. Any mandatory sections which have been skipped will be indicated on the screen, so please do not leave any of these sections blank.

Yes, you will receive a notification upon the submission of the entry.

Yes, you may resubmit. For any further enquiries, you may contact the organizer.

If the work is not submitted successfully due to reasons provided by the contestant, all losses and consequences shall be held responsible by the contestants themselves. Therefore, please make sure to backup and store your data prior to submission should you feel the need to resubmit.

No, it is not. Entries are only accepted digitally through the website.

The submission button is either at the top right or at the bottom of the main page of the website.

Yes, you may enter through the browser on your smartphone or tablet.

You may contact the person in charge Audrey  (audrey.honjh@mmu.edu.my) for any inquiries you may have about the contest

About the judging

Panels are chosen with consideration of outstanding experience and knowledge in the creative industry.

The winners will be decided by the panels after the screening of the entries. The final evaluation is conducted through earnest discussion among all the panels.

The final evaluation is planned to be conducted between 10th to 20th October 2022. The location will not be made public.

About receiving awards and exclusive benefits

1st Prize: RM3000

2nd Prize: RM1500

3rd Prize: RM500

All contestants will be rewarded GEMS Points for their participation in the contest.  

Yes, we will contact the winner individually regarding prize distribution methods. For group submissions that are selected as winners, we will contact one member as the representative.

Other matters

The organizer has the legal right to use all entries provided in the contest. By entering the contest, the contestant agrees and authorizes the organizer and its affiliates to use the entries for contests, products and publicity branding, including but not limited to online media, print media, print materials, photo exhibitions, road shows, outdoor media and other marketing activities, in perpetuity and without compensation from the date of submission.